Part of Nechranice dam bank

Photogrammetric modelSize approximatelly 100 x 15 x 15 meters

Photogrammetric model of the northern bank of Nechranice dam in Czech Republic, composed of uncemented sandstone, intercalated with clay, caustobiolites and volcanic or volcanoclastic material. The model captures the normal fault structure separating the sandstone part (left side of the model) and the sandstone with clay and caustobiolite inserts (right side of the model), including a recent landslide. The imaging of the area took place in the summer of 2018, when during the dry season the water level of the dam dropped significantly and this part of the bank became accessible. Within the study of the area, the ERT profile set to determine the fault structures' slope. Recent landslides were documented and the 3D model of the bank was created using UAV which was set to follow 7 flight paths tracing the bank line. The model and the above mentioned measurements were published at the 5th European meeting on 3D Geological Modeling in Bern.

static image